Powerful Intelligence For The Hive Blockchain

Hive Alive provides insights and services that help users of the Hive social ecosystem to better understand the Hive community and make better decisions when using their stake. Our goal at Hive Alive is to empower the Hive community to co-create the most sustainable, exciting and enjoyable Web 3.0 social network that can possibly be made. Everyone has a part to play in Hive's success and so we all benefit from having access to tools and data to help us to achieve our goals.

Hive Alive Blockchain Statstics and Intel

What is Hive?

Hive is both a public blockchain technology, a cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin) and the foundation for many social/community websites. Hive is the world's premier decentralised social network, in mostly uncensored and is desigend to reward the best content with valuable crypto tokens, accorinding to votes case by community consensus.

How To Use Hive Alive

You can access each report and tool via the main site navigation. Each page on Hive Alive provides different tools that are useful in understanding how the Hive blockchain is being used by it's community members. There are numerous Hive sites that provide stats relating to voting, token transfers, earnings and more - however, we focus on the data that is mostly missing elsewhere, but which is essential to use when learning which community members to support and when making key governance decisions. In particular, Hive Alive has been created to assist Hive governance at this key time, as we transition from being a single layer system, with only one main rewards pool, to including many layer 2 communities that have their own tokens and reward pools. The

With so many different views and agendas present in the Hive community, all seeking to direct Hive in their own preferred ways, the governance and management of Hive can create some challenging situations and it is key to navigate them as smoothly as possible, for the stability of the network and investor confidence in the Hive coin price. Hive Alive provides reports that expose key information, such as how downvotes are being used on the network, how reputation is distributed among the top performing accounts and other key governance metrics. Downvoting, witness votes and account reptuation are all currently important as they influence both the present censorship resistance capacity of the network and also the future development of the entire blockchain via decisions made by the witnesses when adopting or rejecting future network changes (called 'hard forks').

The features and report are simple to use and each page describes what you need to know. If you have any questions please message @ura-soul via Hive chat.